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Why should you
archive your email?
How it works

Up to 75% of business data resides in email. It is important for the productivity and security of your business that this information be securely archived and easily searchable.

With Archive111, you can reduce email storeage size by as much as 80 percent, without reducing access to email.

If regulations require you to keep a copy of your incoming and outgoing email messages, we can help.

Legal discovery is now an issue.
Email is now just as likely to be requested during legal discovery as are paper - based records. Archive111 is compliant with SEC, NASD, NYSE, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, HIPAA and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act email archiving requirements.


Your incoming and outgoing mail is copied to an archive that is dedicated to your domain. This archive is "read only" such that all your mail that goes into the archive can be read for the purposes of review and retrieval, but it cannot be altered or deleted.

Using our handy search and retrieval tool, your mail administrator can log into the mail archive and search it by date, subject, sender, recipient name or keyword for the purposes of archive retrieval and review. Mail is kept for three years at which time it is deleted automatically.

Archive111 requires no additional hardware, software, staff or systems to be added on your end. The system is entirely web based and easy to use with interface to your mail archive through an ordinary web browser.

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